On this page you will find information regarding our shipping and delivery policy's, as well as answers to any other questions. If you are looking for something specific and can not find it, feel free to contact us.

Our Trading Address
Hadlow Road
Kent, DA16 1AS






Do I have to sign up to pay-pal to place an order?

Nope, all you have to do is fill out your card details on pay-pal, instead of logging on or signing up. After which pay-pal will send you a receipt for your payment.


Do you accept any other payment methods other then those taken by pay-pal?

We apologise but at this current moment in time we cannot take any other payment methods other then those taken via pay-pal. Thank you for your understanding.


Your item is currently out of stock, will there be more?

Unfortunately most of our items are one of a kind designs. Meaning that once its gone, its gone forever. However do feel free to contact us we might just manage to get our designers to make you another one if they're feeling up to it. Also some of our items are limited editions, so after a certain amount we're sorry but that's it. This is what makes handmade unique, you know that the products you have no one else in the WORLD has, or if its limited, then you are one of the lucky few who has that item.


Do you do customised items?

It's handmade! Of course we do, if you'd like something special, or an idea of yours to be made, then feel free to contact us, and we'll do the best we can to try make it happen.


Can you make me two identical product?

All products made are one of a kind and made by hand, therefor we will not be able to remake any two exactly the same, but that just means that you get a one of a kind item, unique to anything in the world.


I've changed my mind about an order, how do I cancel?

If you have ordered the wrong item, or no longer want the one you ordered, then please tell us as soon as possible BEFORE we ship it out, and we will issue you a refund for your order.

Once your order has been sent, it will be your responsibility to send the item back to us, in its original, undamaged, unused packaging. We will not be liable to issue refunds if items are returned to us damaged, or used.


Why does the product I order look a little different to the one online?

Because our items are handmade they are subject to some minor changes then those online. Also the colour may be different depending on the setting of your screen, and the lighting in your environment.


Are your items safe to give to children?

No we do not recommend that you give any of our items to younger children- unless specified, as small parts can prove as a chocking hazard. None of our items are intended as toys, unless specified otherwise.




What are your shipping rates?

We have flat rate shipping rates no matter how much you spend with us.

UK 1st Class Postage  - £2.50

UK 2nd Class Postage  - £1.99

Standard International  - £5.00

Recorded International  - £15.00



At times we may run promotion offering discounts on postage if over a certain amount is spent with us. To qualify for these the purchase limit must be reached and you must select the promotional offer at check out.

Do you ship outside the UK?

Yes we do, simply select one of the International shipping rates at check out, and we'll do the rest! If you are still unsure just drop us an e-mail with your country, and the items you wish to order, and we'll work out the shipping charges, and then send you an invoice from pay-pal. You simply need to fill in your details, and as soon as we receive your receipt we will dispatch your item(s).


How long will my order take to arrive?

If the item in stock, and it is ready to ship, we will do so as soon as we receive your order. It should arrive between 2-4 working days from the day that you placed the order depending on the shipping method you pick, International orders may take longer to arrive.

If the item you have ordered is not in stock, and we have to make it, then please allow us some time to ensure the quality of your product. In this case we aim to ship your item as soon as possible, taking no longer then two weeks, and will keep you informed on the progress.


I gave you the wrong details! How do I fix it?

PLEASE e-mail us as soon as possible, along with your proof of purchase, to ensure that your item arrives at your house and not in the middle of no where.

If its to late and we've have sent your order, then it is up to you to either contact the address which you gave us, or wait for the item to be returned to us. In which case we shall bill you again for the postage charge, and send the item to the correct address.

NOTE that if your item does not arrive at the wrong address, or is not returned to us, we are not liable to send a replacements, or issue a refund.


Can I get my order delivered via recorded delivery?

Yep, just tick the option for recorded delivery at the checkout!


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